Breathing…Have you ever thought about YOUR breaths?  Have you ever noticed how many phrases we use that include breath?  For example, “she’s a breath of fresh air” or “I took a breather” or “I’m just catching my breath from….”  How about not just talking about it but really thinking about the mechanics of breath?

I’m an advocate of breathing through your nose. I often say breathing is so important that we have two vehicles, the primary is the nose and the backup is the mouth.  I also say that the primary route is the preferred route, most beneficial.  As air enters your nose it is cleaned, warmed and moisturized by your sinuses before it enters your lungs.  If you exhale through your nose, you must engage muscles deep in your “core” to push that air out through the long passageway of your sinuses and nose.  Hey, that means you can strengthen your “core” by just exhaling; why not try it, you’re breathing anyway?  If you don’t normally exhale through your nose, you might feel uncomfortable at first.  Tell your self you are going to tolerate the discomfort for FIVE (only) breaths and then return to your regular pattern until the discomfort dissipates.  Then repeat the exercise.  When you find that you aren’t so uncomfortable, try six and then seven breaths and so on. You can do this any time, anywhere and for as long as you can stay conscious with it, when your mind wanders, leave it.  Then return the next day.